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She, who is well known as WarFilz short form of Wardah Filzatunnafsi is a multi-talented or versatile freelancer and also a professional and passionate female leader with experience of more than four years of Directing, Managing, Designing, and Marketing. As the Founding Director of Ghuraba' Productions during her Advanced Level (A-Level) studies in the United Kingdom (UK), she pursues Eperantis (Ep) globally through writing and authoring, photography, art and designing, media recording and editing, singing, songwriting, and composing as well as online applications, software, and web developing. The debut novel, Tentang Perempuan she published, and her innovation in magnetic stationery at BookFav are both focused on women’s empowerment and social entrepreneurship.

"Women can go for anything, as long as they know why they go to where they are going and love what they are doing. Therefore, whatever you do, make sure to bring both your heart and brain with you." - Wardah Filzatunnafsi




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Email & Fax: warfilzdesigns@gmail.com

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